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Porlex Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder II
Porlex Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder II
1 pc|Brand:Porlex

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The Porlex Mini is designed with portability and functionality in mind. The body of the grinder features a small footprint and can easily be fit into an Aeropress or French Press, making it travel-friendly. The stainless steel body makes the grinder indestructible and static free. The ceramic conical burrs are easy to clean and will remain rust-free. In this version II of the grinder, you can expect the new grind size adjustment mechanism with more accurate dialing as well as a new design to the burr set to produce more consistent grind particles.

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Pour coffee beans into the top chamber of the grinder and cover the lid. Adjust the grind size using the adjustment knob located at the bottom of the burrs where the grind collection container connects to the grinder. Attach the handle to the top of the grinder and start rotating the handle to grind the coffee beans.


Store in a cool dry place