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S. Pellegrino Sparkling M. W. Gls - By Culina
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S. Pellegrino Sparkling M. W. Gls - By Culina
24 X 250ML|Brand:San Pellegrino

Key Information

S.PELLEGRINO has stood as an iconic pillar of premium quality, heritage and tradition since its foundation in 1899. Distinctively Italian, the brand has, for more than a century, been a symbol of Italian style, fine food and fine living. Its there to refresh those precious moments shared with friends and family at home. It stands proudly on tables of some of the worlds most famous restaurants, and it does it all with that certain sparkling style and elegance only found in Italy. S.Pellegrino spreads a distinct taste of Italy around the world; a taste of a place where every moment, no matter how large or small, is considered precious. The unique taste of S.Pellegrino mineral water is the product of a natural journey that takes place in the dolomitic mountains overlooking Brembo River valley, in the San Pellegrino Terme area. Its here, in the untouched lands of Italys Northwestern Alps that S.Pellegrino begins its 30-year-journey inside the earth. As water flows through these towering mountains it is enriched with a mix of minerals and natural occurring bubbles which are later enhanced thanks to the addition of carbon dioxide. S.Pellegrino receives its own unique identity thanks to the natural flavour of the water which is bottled directly at the source in the town of San Pellegrino Terme. It is this journey, the saltiness from the rocks, the deep minerality of the mountains, an almost acidic finish that prolongs that iconic sparkle of bubbles on the tongue, that helps to create the unmistakable taste of S.Pellegrino natural mineral water.

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