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S&W Premium Sweet 16 Pineapple
S&W Premium Sweet 16 Pineapple1 per pack

Key Information

Despites its hard and rough exterior, the sweet 16 pineapple's flesh boasts an entirely different flavour and texture. It is distinctively sweet, juicy and firm. It is high in vitamins and fibre content. Enjoy it cut up into bite size rings, or use it in cooking to add a touch of sweetness in your dishes.

Country of Origin



  • 1. Lay pineapple down, cut the fruit’s leaves and base using a sharp knife
  • 2. With the fruit standing up, remove the skin by sawing it by its circumference with a fruit knife
  • 3. Remove the “eyes” by cutting small “v” shaped grooves around them
  • 4. Slice the fruit up and remove its woody core before cutting them into smaller pieces