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SCANPAN Spectrum Grip N Sharp Black
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SCANPAN Spectrum Grip N Sharp Black
1 pc|Brand:Scanpan

Key Information

Introducing the new Scanpan Spectrum Grip N Sharp Sharpening System! The suction feature on this sharpener makes it easy and safe to use, and allows it to be used on all knives - including serrated blades. This innovative sharpening tool incorporates dual tungsten carbide hones and a lever-operated suction pad, which securely locks the sharpener to any smooth surface. Even chefs who arent the sharpest tools in the shed know the importance of looking after your knives for the kitchen. Blunt knives make for squashed tomatoes, wonky cuts of bread and general hard work when it comes to prepping your food. This premium knife sharper from Scanpan Spectrummakes sharpening knives a safe and easy task. No doubt youve got some sort of knife sharpener hidden away in the depths of your kitchen drawers, but this innovative tool is sure to put it to shame. With suction grip to give it sturdy stability when youre sharpening your knives, its much safer than an old-fashioned sharpener or rod. Operated by a lever, it will detach from the surface only when you unlock it, so no accidental slipping when youre holding a blade in your hand! This unique design works not only with standard blades, but serrated ones too. With dual tungsten carbide built into the unit, its a superior product that comes with a 10 year guarantee to ensure the high quality. In no time at all your whole knife set can be glinting on the edges and ready to go, for years of culinary prowess that wont be let down by inferior tools.

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