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Simply Finest Lemon Grass
200g|Brand:Simply Finest

Key Information

  • • With thin, long leaves
  • • Adds a citrus flavour
  • • Enhances the overall taste of the dish
  • • Country of origin of this product may vary from Malaysia / Singapore depending on stock availability

Country of Origin



  • 1. Pairs well with teas, curries, and soups
  • 2. Goes well with pudding, meat products and baked goods
  • 3. Commonly used as a flavouring in Southeast Asian cuisines


  • • Store it loosely wrapped in the fridge for up to several weeks
  • • Alternatively, wrap it well and freeze it
  • • Chop or mince it and then freeze it in 1-tablespoon bits
  • • Freeze until hard and then transfer to a sealable plastic bag for longer-term storage