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Systema 3D Expandable Floss (40m)
1 per pack|Brand:Systema
4.8|6 ratings

Key Information

  • • Excellent plaque removal power while gentle on gums for deep, thorough clean
  • • Expands by hydration for 3 dimensional network structure to remove microscopic plaque
  • • Excellent Plaque Removal Power
  • • Gentle on gums

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  • 1. Wind 40cm of floss around the middle fingers of both hands
  • 2. Use the index fingers and thumbs of both hands to hold the floss and pull it straight
  • 3. Gently slide floss between teeth and under gumline
  • 4. Curve floss around tooth, use an up-and-down motion to clean between teeth
  • 5. Use a clean section for the next tooth


Keep refrigerated at 2°C - 7°C