Tefal Rice Cooker


    About product:
    Rice is a staple food for Asians like us, and our meal can only be completed with a good bowl of steaming & fluffy rice. With the Tefal Rice Cooker, you can cook up a good bowl of rice for your loved ones to enjoy!

    Cooking of rice for your big family and group of friends is made easier with Tefal Rice Cooker Mecha Congee Series RK104P which has 1L of capacity. With the automatic ‘keep warm’ switch, it is convenient to warm up your rice for a sumptuous dinner again. This rice cooker provides you with 4 cooking programmes to spice up the variety of your meals: Rice cooking, Congee, Soup & Steaming.

    The cooking of your rice is enhanced and made more efficient through the durable ceramic inner pot and micro-pressure valve. Having a good rice cooker which can withstand higher pressure helps you produce flavorful well-made rice.

    • Capacity: 1L (6 cups)
    • Functions: Rice Cooking, Congee, Soup, Steam
    • Removable & durable 4-ply ceramic inner pot
    • Dew collector to avoid water vapour leakage
    • Micro pressure valve: Retain moisture and increase pressure level to provide better cooking results
    • Steam basket included



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