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Thirsty Hippo Moisture Absorber
6 + free 2 x 600ml|Brand:Thirsty Hippo
4.6|144 ratings

Key Information

  • Thirsty Hippo is a dehumidifier / moisture absorberwhich freshens the damp closet with immediate absorption of moist in the air, providing freshness by removing moisture.
  • • It helps to keep small spaces dry and fresh by preventing the proliferation of mildew which is the main cause of odours.
  • • It lasts up to 4 weeks
  • • Prevents mould and mildew
  • • Combats odours
  • • Placed in small spaces such as closets and shoe racks, keeping them dry and fresh
  • • Made of 100% calcium chloride

Country/place of Origin



  • 1. Open the pink lid
  • 2. Remove aluminium foil cover; do not tear white paper
  • 3. Replace the pink lid and place your Thirsty Hippo
  • 4. Replace when water reaches red mark


100% Calcium Chloride