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Versele Laga Prestige Big Parakeets
Versele Laga Prestige Big Parakeets

Key Information

Versele Laga Prestige Big Parakeet Breeding is a breeding mixture with a variety of sunflower seeds and Japanese Millet which has an extra high quantity of protein. Brings your birds into excellent breeding condition.<br/>Fructo-oligosaccharides (Florastimul) is a non-digestive element which supports health by stimulating favourable bacteria in the intestine: Cactobacilli & Bifidus. These two slow down pathogenic Coli & Salmonella.<br/>Birds are very sensitive to bacterial intestinal infections so this improved protection can help birds thrive.

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Always store in a cool, dry place


yellow millet 33.5%, peeled oats 13%, red millet 10%, safflower 8%, canary seed 6%, striped sunflower seeds 6%, wheat 5%, big black rapeseed 4%, white millet 4%, linseed 3%, paddy rice 3%, japanese millet 2%, peeled peanuts 1.5%, niger seed 1%