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Whiskas Pouch Cat Food - Seafood Cocktail
Whiskas Pouch Cat Food - Seafood Cocktail85g

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Till 1st Mar 2020

Key Information

Whiskas Pouch is made from real fish, gently cooked to perfection to bring out the very best in taste a convenient single serve format. It is steamed cooked and sealed in foil pack to ensure freshness, taste and appetizing aroma in every meal for your cat.

Country of Origin



  • Feeding information:
  • • Serve on the basis of 1 pack per 1kg of the cat's body weight
  • • Recommended to feed twice a day


Mackerel, Tuna Red Meat, Beef Liver, Squid, Salmon, Crab Stick, Soy Bean Oil, Starch, Wheat Gluten, Coloring Agents, Gelling Agents, Vitamins, Minerals