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World's Best Cat Litter Clumping
World's Best Cat Litter Clumping
14LB|Brand:World'S Best

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Worlds Best Cat Litter offers a variety of natural cat litter formulas all made from the concentrated power of corn. Need a clumping cat litter that is easy to scoop? Weve got the perfect cat litter solution. Looking for the perfect litter for multiple cats? Weve got a multiple cat litter designed specifically for the many cats in your life. Is your cat having trouble going in the box? Weve got a litter that includes a natural attractant that keeps your cat going in the box, every time. <br/>- Get the clumping litter with outstanding odor control and a tight clumping ability. <br/>- Not only is it easy to scoop, but its also flushable* and septic safe so the dirty litter isnt filling your trash. Stop worrying about a messy litter box. Start giving your cat the best.<br/>- Clumping formula is ideal for homes with one to two cats

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