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Yomeishu Herbal Health Tonic
1L + 300ml|Brand:Yomeishu
4.7|27 ratings

Key Information

  • • Has a unique flavour when taken, it gives you a pleasant feeling that refreshes the body and mind
  • • Absorb-able even by weak digestive systems, and promotes the natural activities of the body
  • • This product has an alcohol content of 14%

Country/place of Origin



  • For adults:
  • • Take 1 cup each time (20ml), 3 times daily before meals and/or bedtime
  • • Dosage can be slightly increased or decreased depending on the body condition
  • • However, overdosage should be avoided
  • • Avoid taking it in the case of profuse bleeding of ulcers or outer injuries, since Yomeishu has a promoting action on blood circulation


  • • Always cap the bottle tightly
  • • Avoid direct sunlight


Per 60ml, Cinnamomi Cortex-270mg, Carthami Flos-12mg, Rehmanniae Radix-60mg, Paeoniae Radix-60mg, Caryophylli Flos-24mg, Ginseng Radix-60mg, Saposhnikoviae Radix-96mg, Curcumae Rhizoma-36mg, Leonuri Herba-48mg, EpimedII Herba-114mg, Linderae Umbellatae Ramus-594mg, Eucommiae Cortex-18mg, Cistanchis Herba-48mg, Agkistrodon Japonicae-12mg

Nutrition Info

  • Attributes
    Per Serving (60ml)
  • Glucose