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Discover local culinary gems and taste

Explore a world of flavours on offer, from Italian ice cream to local treats. There is always something to dine on every visit. Sip on a yummy local coffee brew before grabbing some oh so delicious classic pastries. Fill your tummy with the freshest dishes and tze char choices, and get your dose of Japanese goodies too!

Don’t skip out on a scoop of authentic Italian gelato. Have it with your kids as you watch them play in the dedicated play area. Finally, chill out after shopping with some delightful drinks at the bar. That makes a perfect day out!

Ban Tong Seafood

Helmed by Chef Issac, a former chef at Asian Food Network, enjoy local favourites from Ban Tong Seafood. What’s unique here is the offering of our Pick, Cook, Enjoy service! Simply pick out fresh ingredients, have it cooked to your zi-char preference, then enjoy your food at our dine-in areas once it’s ready!

Be sure to catch the launch highlights – Har Cheong Kai Burger and Chilli Soft Shell Crab!

Alfero Gelato

Experience locally made Italian gelato made with the freshest imported ingredients sourced only from Italy. What’s more, the gelatos are 96% fat free, 100% guilt free! Check out their limited time offer – the Ondeh Ondeh Gelato and Macaron Gelato.

The perfect pairing to your adventure at FairPrice Xtra, it’s time to indulge!

Tiong Hoe Coffee

Taste quality in every cup brewed, as we carry at least 20 different origins of specialty coffee from Africa, Asia, South and Central America to satisfy any coffee lover!

Kai Japanese Sushi

Treat yourself to a Japanese meal made up of sushi, oden, yakitori, yakimono and agemono dishes.

The Bar

The first cocktail bar in a supermarket, you can now slip in some social time in between shopping at FairPrice Xtra. Here at The Bar, you can try our in-house specialty – The FairPrice Fizz Tipple, or other cocktails made from in-store ingredients! Besides that, you can also slurp on wines, highballs, draft beers and more, while chowing down on finger food, cheese platters and fresh oysters.

Come experience the best bar stop, bar none.

House Of Bakers

Piloted by one of our local actor, Li Nan Xing, House of Bakers brings an assortment of unique pastries to you. Experience nostalgia with the 3rd generation family recipe – Dried Scallop Hae Bee Hiam Croissant. What’s more, House of Bakers also sells pastries from Europastry that has a deep heritage in Spain, bringing to you par-baked breads, viennoiseries, pastries and other unique snacks!

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