Christmas Kuih Party

Serving 3 pax
Preparation Time 35 mins
Skill Easy

200g Ocean Fresh Delite Frozen Cod Fish
½ Japanese cucumber, chopped
2 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil
A pinch of Salt
A pinch of Pepper
2 tbsp Lemon juice*
½ Avocado, chopped
½ Tomato, chopped
500ml Water
8 Kueh pie tee shells
Coriander leaves*

*Available at your nearest FairPrice store.

  1. Toss the Japanese cucumber with 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil in a bowl to make a cucumber mix. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.
  2. In another bowl, gently mix the avocado with 1 tbsp of lemon juice to make an avocado mix.
  3. Whisk 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes and 1 tbsp of lemon juice for the dressing.
  4. Pour the water in a pot and place the cod fish steak in to steam for about 20 minutes.
  5. Remove the fish and cut into cubes, approximately 1.5cm by 1.5cm.
  6. For each kueh pie tee shell, add a layer of cucumber mix followed by a layer of avocado mix.
  7.  Add the cod fish cube and drizzle with a teaspoon of dressing. Top it off with coriander leaves and it’s ready to serve.
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