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Commoner-King Tteokbokki

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From YoRipe by Eunice Hahappie
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20 min



Unsalted Vegetable Stock
or anchovy/kelp broth will be nice
4 cups
Spicy Korean Chili Paste
14 cup
1 tbsp
3 tbsp
Chili Powder
Soy Sauce
to taste
0 g
Korean Rice Cake
Shape - pipe/sliced. Flavour - Plain/Cheese/Sweet Potato/Yam. It's fun to have mixed flavours for a surprise lava ooze in every bite
500 g
Cocktail Sausage
or spam/luncheon meat (hotdogs not recommended; it does not afford the same savoury flavour)
150 g
Korean Rectangular Fish
2 sheets, cut half horizontally, then lengthwise into 4 squares, and diagonally into 8 triangles
Cuttlefish Ball
200 g
Pork Belly Shabu
200 g
Korean Ramyun Noodles
or 2 if you'd like
1 g
Scallion Leek
300 g
200 g
long/round; any will work
200 g
Shimeiji Mushrooms
or enoki will work nicely too
1 bunch
Half Boiled Eggs
or quail eggs are fun too!
4 pieces
Baby Abalone/ Scallops
8 pieces
Roasted Sesame Seeds
1 tbsp
Shredded Mozzarella
add more if you'd like
1 cup
on the side to serve with if you prefer
1 cup

How to cook


  • Wash all vegetables and mushroom. Slice carrots crosswise into circles.
  • Cut cabbage into 2x2inch squares.
  • Julienne 1 dark green top of leek, set aside for topping.
  • 2inch-diagonally chop remaining leek.

Start cooking

  • Boil sauce base on medium heat
  • Add all the rice cake, fishcakes, meats into sauce once boiling.
  • After cooking rice cakes for 10mins, add in vegetables, mushroom sans scallion leek topping.
  • After simmering for an additional 5mins, immerse Korean ramyun noodles into broth, without seasoning powder, along with peeled half-boiled eggs.
  • If you would like the optional seafood, feel free to add them in now!
  • Turn heat off after another 2mins of simmer.

Assemble & serve

  • Garnish in this order immediately: with mozzarella, scallion, and sesame seed
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