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Eight treasure rice

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From YoRipe by Xinyan Fang
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90 min



Glutinous Rice
500 g
Red Bean Paste
or black sesame paste
500 g
Dry Red Dates
20 g
Pine Nuts
50 g
50 g
50 g
Pumpkin Seeds
or other seeds you like
50 g
Vegetable Oil
2 tbsp

How to cook

Start cooking

  • Cook glutinous rice in a rice cooker, let it cool


  • Get all filling ingredients ready, break the walnuts and cut the red dates to small pieces
  • We'll be using an individual portion rice bowl as the mould: cut a piece of plastic cling wrap that can cover the whole inner surface of the rice bowl, apply some vegetable oil on the side facing up (this is to help remove the 8 treasure rice from the mould)
  • Sprinkle some walnuts, pine nuts, raisins, red dates, and pumpkin seeds on the cling wrap. The ingredients should be nicely spread out as that will be the top of the 8 treasure rice
  • Take about 50 gram of cooked glutinous rice, make it into a flat surface and place it on top of the sprinkled ingredients, press to make sure the bowl's inner surface is well covered
  • Add red bean paste, about 100g, can shape it into a thick pattie. If you wish, you can add more nuts here
  • Then take another 50 to 70g of glutinous rice to cover up the red bean paste and make sure the top surface is flat
  • Remove the rice from the bowl by pulling the cling wrap, keep the rice the freezer for a few hours so the shape is firm

Assemble & serve

  • Steam the 8 treasure rice for about 30mins, use a chopstick to test the filling temperature if you're not sure whether it's ready. *Tip: you can keep the 8 treasure rice in your freezer for a few months!
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