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Ondeh Ondeh Gula Melaka

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10 min

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45 min



Glutinous Rice Flour
300 g
Tapioca Flour
80 g
150 ml
Pandan Leaf
15 pieces
Grated Coconut
80 g
Sea Salt
937 34 cups
Gula Melaka
50 g
Cooking Oil
1 tsp

How to cook

Start cooking pandan leaves

  • Gather grated coconut, salt, 2 tied pandan leaves (washed), steam for 10 minutes over medium high heat.
  • Then remove pandan leaves and set aside.
  • Cut the remaining pandan leaves into small pieces, add 100ml water and blend till smooth.
  • Extract juice by sieving the blended pandan juice.

Start making dough

  • Sieve the glutinous rice flour and tapioca flour.
  • Add pandan juice slowly part by part into the mixed flour. Mix with a spatula initially.
  • Once the dough is formed, use hands to knead the dough until the texture is slightly firm. .
  • Add cooking oil and knead until dough consistent, non-sticky and smooth.

Prepare dough balls

  • Divide dough into Squash ball sizes.
  • Make a dent in each dough ball and add about 3/4 tsp gula melaka in it. Seal the dough ball.
  • When the dough balls start to float, boil for another minute (to let the gula melaka melt completely), then remove from the boiling water.

Assembe and serve

  • Coat with steamed grated coconut and serve.
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