Rojak Trifle
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Rojak Trifle

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30 min
Captain Oats
950 g
Round biscuits
60 g
Greek yoghurt
1.75 kg
230 g
Chocolate chip cookies
190 g
cut into triangles
600 g
Short chocolate wafers
180 g
600 g
White chocolate biscuits
600 g
450 g
Wafer sticks
Bowl with 25cm width x 20cm height
How to cook
Step 1
  • Fill the bottom of your bowl (25cm width x 20cm height) with a layer of oats.
Step 2
  • Lay the round biscuits on top of it, followed by a layer of yoghurt.
Step 3
  • Next, surround the sides of the bowl with grapes cut in half. Fill the middle with the remaining whole grapes.
Step 4
  • Proceed to fill the next layer with chocolate chip cookies, followed by a layer of oats.
Step 5
  • Place the pineapple along the sides of the bowl and place the remaining pineapples in the middle.
Step 6
  • Add a layer of yoghurt followed by short wafer crackers.
Step 7
  • Use strawberries for the next layer. Place strawberries cut in half along the walls of the bowl and the remaining whole strawberries in the middle.
Step 8
  • Add another layer of yoghurt followed by a layer of white chocolate biscuits and then, oats as the next layer.
Step 9
  • Next, add blueberries. Layer with cooked oats until the bowl is full.
Step 10
  • Finally, place two wafer sticks as decoration.
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