Gold Bar Spring Roll

Serving 8 pax
Preparation Time 40mins
Skill Intermediate

1L Knife Brand 100% Pure Groundnut Oil
200g Roast Duck, shredded
90g Turnip, sliced thinly
90g Carrot, sliced thinly
2 Whole Eggs, beaten
½ tsp Salt
12 pcs Spring Roll Skin, in squares
2tbsp Knife 100% Pure Groudnut Oil
½ tsp White Pepper
15g Dried Shrimps, soaked and chopped
20g Garlic, sliced
24g Leek, sliced thinly
½ tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Oyster Sauce

  1. In a pre-heated wok, fry the turnip, carrot, garlic, leek, dried shrimp, oyster sauce and all seasoning together with 2 tbsp of oil for 2 mins over high heat.
  2. Let it cool and squeeze dry.
  3. Fry the beaten egg taking the form of a very thin omelette and slice thinly.
  4. Mix the egg together with the cooked ingredients including the roast duck.
  5. Roll the mixture with spring roll skin.
  6. Deep fry the spring rolls in Knife Brand 100% Pure Groundnut Oil at about 170°C till golden brown.
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