Impossible Meat Patty

Serving 2-4 pax
Preparation Time 40 mins
Skill Easy

340g Impossible Meat*
1 pcs Dried mandarin peel
4 pcs Water chestnut
1 sprig Spring onion

2 tsp Soy sauce
½ tsp Corn-starch
1 tsp Sugar
3 tsp Water
1 tsp Oil
1 pinch White pepper powder

*Available at your nearest FairPrice store.

  1. Soak mandarin peel with water until soft about 3 minutes, remove rind with a small knife, clean and cut into dice
  2. Wash and peel water chestnut and cut into dice;
  3. Slice spring onion into small slices, set aside
  4. Mix mandarin peel, water chestnut, impossible meat with the marinade mix,
  5. Steam meat patty in a double boiler over high heat for 15 – 20 minutes, turn off heat; sprinkle with sliced spring onion and serve.
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