Iced Kurma Milk Tea

Iced Kurma Milk Tea

Indulge in the refreshing fusion of iced Kurma Milk Tea, a tantalizing blend of creamy milk tea infused with the exotic flavors of kurma.

Oldtown White coffee salted caramel frappe Recipe

OldTown White Coffee Salted Caramel Frappe

OldTown White Coffee Salted Caramel Frappe

Oldtown Hazelnut White Coffee Milkshake Recipe

OldTown Hazelnut White Coffee Milkshake

OldTown Hazelnut White Coffee Milkshake

Malfy Orange Blossom recipe

Malfy Orange Blossom

For a fresh, sweet burst of flavour.

WANG-derful Highball recipe

WANG-derful Highball

Welcome Chinese New Year with zest!

Martell Noblige & Coffee Recipe

Martell Noblige & Coffee

Sophistication in a glass.

Monkey Jam Sour drink recipe to pair with Chinese New Year Ngoh Hiang

Monkey Jam Sour

Tangy and sweet, it’s your jam!

Tropical Moscato Recipe to pair with Chinese New Year Rabbit Fish recipe

Tropical Moscato

Sip on an exotic blend of flavours.

Sin Huat Highball Gin Recipe

Sin Huat Highball

Refreshing and zesty!

Cold Brew Coffee

Two words: hot bloom.

Basil Watermelon Slushie - refreshing drink with a taste of Thailand

Basil Watermelon Slushie

A refreshingly sweet thirst-quencher!

melona soju

Melona Soju

Keep cool with this refreshing cocktail.

Easy New York, USA Mocktail drink recipe

New York, USA Mocktail

Perfect for a warm day.

Easy Rome, Italy Mocktail drink recipe

Rome, Italy Mocktail

Simply refreshing.

Tokyo, Japan Mocktail drink recipe

Tokyo, Japan Mocktail

A taste of Japan.

Durian Smoothie recipe

Durian Smoothie

Rich and creamy.

Ginger Dog Cocktail Recipe

Ginger Dog Cocktail

Talk about refreshing!

Gordon’s Gin & Tonic Cocktail Recipe

Gordon’s Gin & Tonic

Chilled to perfection.

Johnnie & Green Tea Cocktail recipe

Johnnie & Green Tea

Refreshingly good.

Corojito Mojito recipe


Get to mixing!

Corona Sunsets Cocktail Recipe

Corona Sunsets

Sip and kick back.

Vodka Soda Cocktail recipe

Vodka Soda Cocktail

Homemade cocktail anyone?

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