Rojak Trifle

Serving 5 pax
Preparation Time 30 mins
Skill Intermediate

950g Captain Oats
60g Round biscuits
1750g Greek yoghurt
230g Grapes
190g Chocolate chip cookies
600g Pineapple, cut into triangles
180g Short chocolate wafers
600g Strawberries
600g White chocolate biscuits
450g Blueberries
2 Wafer sticks
1 Bowl with 25cm width x 20cm height

  1. Fill the bottom of your bowl (25cm width x 20cm height) with a layer of oats.
  2. Lay the round biscuits on top of it, followed by a layer of yoghurt.
  3. Next, surround the sides of the bowl with grapes cut in half. Fill the middle with the remaining whole grapes.
  4. Proceed to fill the next layer with chocolate chip cookies, followed by a layer of oats.
  5. Place the pineapple along the sides of the bowl and place the remaining pineapples in the middle.
  6. Add a layer of yoghurt followed by short wafer crackers.
  7. Use strawberries for the next layer. Place strawberries cut in half along the walls of the bowl and the remaining whole strawberries in the middle.
  8. Add another layer of yoghurt followed by a layer of white chocolate biscuits and then, oats as the next layer.
  9. Next, add blueberries. Layer with cooked oats until the bowl is full.
  10. Finally, place two wafer sticks as decoration.

Tip: Cookies serve as a good base, and you are encouraged to use 4 different coloured fruits for variety.

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