Rudolph’s Gin-gle

Serving 2 pax
Preparation Time 10 mins
Skill Easy

1 oz (30ml) of Tanqueray London Dry Gin
1 cup Ice cubes
6 big Grass jelly cubes
½ cup Pomegranate juice
½ cup Champagne
4 fresh Rosemary stalks
2 Toothpicks
2 Marshmallows
2g of Pomegranate seeds
4 Cloves

  1. Pour ice cubes into a glass to chill it. Remove once chilled.
  2. Cut grass jelly into approximately 3cm x 3cm cube.
  3. Add grass jelly followed by gin, pomegranate juice and champagne.
  4. Insert 2 rosemary stalks into each marshmallow to create antlers.
  5. Break a toothpick into half. Insert into the front of the marshmallow and attach the pomegranate for the nose. Then place 2 cloves between the nose and antlers to form the eyes.
  6. Serve once done.
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