The Milky Way

Serving 1 pax
Preparation Time 5 - 10 mins
Skill Easy

90ml ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water Peach
60ml MAGNOLIA aLIVE Low Fat Yoghurt With Aloe Vera And Nata De Coco
20ml Fresh lemon juice
35ml Simple syrup (To create your own simple syrup, dissolve 1:1 sugar and water)



  1. Add MAGNOLIA ALIVE Low Fat Yoghurt with Aloe Vera and Nata De Coco with Fresh Lemon Juice and Simple Syrup in a glass, mix well.
  2. Add in large ice cubes and top with ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water Peach.
  3. (Optional) Garnish with a blackberry on a cocktail pick or with a candy cane.
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