Knowing Your Mandarin Oranges

Knowing Your Mandarin Oranges

Learn the popular variants of the significant Lunar New Year mandarin oranges!

Mandarin Oranges - Ponkan
Ponkan (Origin: Taiwan)

Ponkan oranges are traditionally popular gifts during the auspicious season, with its generous size and juicy flavour! A sweet treat that is easy to peel.

Mandarin Oranges - Lukan
Lukan (Origin: China)

Known for being one of the sweetest and juiciest varieties, the Lukan orange is identied through its smooth skin with few wrinkles. Slice it or peel it for a delicious citrus surprise!

Mandarin Oranges - Kinno
Kinno (Origin: Pakistan)

You can’t miss the Kinno with its squat shape! It offers a flavourful taste under its smooth, glossy and clingy skin.

Mandarin Oranges - Jiaokan
Jiaokan (Origin: China)

With a chewier texture and thicker, glossy skin, the Jiaokan has a longer shelf life. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, opt for these less sweet oranges!

Tips - Mandarin Oranges
Tips - Mandarin Oranges
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