5 tips to transition pets to the fresh food they deserve

Pets deserve the freshest food just like you! As naturally designed carnivores, such a diet can result in an improved coat and stools, as well as higher energy levels among other health benefits (Elizabeth, L 2021).

However, your pet can’t eat the same meat you eat! The curated range of fresh food products available at Pet Lovers Centre Express in FairPrice Xtra, Jurong Point are specially formulated with the right amount of muscle, bone and organ meat for your pet’s optimal health.

As such, it’s really easier than you think to get started with these 5 tips to transition pets to the fresh food they deserve!

1. Switch it up slowly

Slow and steady wins the race — if your pet has been on kibble for many years or has had digestive issues, ease into a fresh or even raw diet with some treats. Avoid organ meats and go with tender turkey, beef jerky or a meaty bone in between meals instead.

$6.50 per pack

Scrumptious Salmon and Tender Turkey

Beyond tender turkey, any canine will take well to these scrumptious salmon or tender turkey from Alfie’s Diner too! These complementary dog bites contain no artificial colours or flavours and are also enriched with omega-3 fatty acids to promote a healthier coat.

2. Cook it lightly

Cooking raw meat lightly can prepare your pet’s body to gradually handle larger amounts of such nutritionally dense fresh foods. Just ensure that you’re using separate cooking equipment and utensils so you avoid potential cross-contamination.

$14.75 – $16.05 per pack

Raw Meal
Beef Vege Chia Seeds and Chicken Vege Brown Rice

FURFRESH raw meals are some of the few biologically appropriate raw food (BARF) products that can be served raw or safely cooked for pets with sensitive tummies. They’re hypoallergenic, free from bone and grains with a balanced mix of sustainable Australian ingredients such as maca — an excellent source of vitamins for your pet. Besides beef and chicken, FURFRESH also has the freshest kangaroo meat that you can try if you think your pet is game for that!

3. Serve cooked rolls 

If you’re not ready to feed raw meat but you also find cooking for your pet a hassle, then Butch’s cooked rolls from New Zealand is the perfect choice!  Cooked gently at 70°C and sealed with packaging made out of a special material that ensures shelf longevity without added preservatives, it makes for a balanced and complete diet. Just unwrap, cut and serve at room temperature — how convenient!

$23.50 per pack

Dog Frozen Cooked Food
White Label

You need to also meat your pet’s individual needs: BUTCH White Label Dog Food’s 100% highly digestible fresh chicken formulation, for example, is ideal for dogs that cannot tolerate red meat. There’s also Blue and White Label, the former being specially formulated for cats to enjoy too!

4. Experiment a little 

Consistency and variety is key as your pet gets accustomed to their new diet. Mix in any raw meat-based treats that they’ve taken a liking to previously or some bone broth to turn any meal from suspicious to scrumptious. While fish tends to be more popular among the felines, beef and lamb can be a runaway hit for some canines. If you’re feeling more experimental, try these fresh game meat products:

$6.95 per pack

Mince Kangaroo & Salmon and Kangaroo

Mixed with salmon, a perfectly portioned meal from REGAL LEAN CAT is the perfect way to introduce fresh lean kangaroo mince as a novel protein source. Each two-pack is pH-balanced, high in protein and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids with zero carbohydrates, grains and gluten. It’s the easiest way to maintain a healthy weight in your cat to keep it going strong — simply peel and serve!

5. Serve at room temperature

Lastly, always serve your pet their fresh meal at room temperature — an overly warm environment can also introduce unwanted bacteria to fresh and uncooked food. And while your pet’s digestive system can still tolerate cold and frozen foods, it is able to function more efficiently when the food is warmer. Some felines may even turn their nose up if the food is served straight from the fridge; they tend to be pickier eaters, but once you’ve successfully transitioned them to a raw diet they’ll be meowing with joy!

Any pet can successfully transition to a fresh or even raw diet as nature intended. Once you’ve persevered to the end, you’ll see your hard work pay off — and the associated boost in overall health and longevity.

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Elizabeth, L 2021, Raw Dog Food: Dietary Concerns, Benefits, and Risks [ONLINE: https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/guide/raw-dog-food-dietary-concerns-benefits-and-risks#1] [Accessed 10 February 2021]

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