8 Games & Snacks for a retro National Day party!

The Singapore flag on the face of an old vintage leather suitcase

National Day is the perfect occasion to rejoice in our nation’s heritage and honour the values that define us as a multicultural society. It’s also the time to gather with family and friends to watch the National Day Parade and the spectacular fireworks display that commemorates Singapore’s birthday with a bang.

If you’re planning a National Day party, why not go retro? It’s a great theme that embraces memories of the past while celebrating the spirit of Singapore. Here are 8 games and snacks for a party filled with nostalgia, fun games and mouthwatering snacks!

Relive your childhood with these top Kampong Games

1. Five Stones

Close up of a girl's hands holding a bunch of colourful five stones

To some, Five Stones was more than just a game. The miniature bean bags were almost like collectible items: those made with attractive fabrics were coveted, collected and compared amongst friends.

Revive the trend this National Day with a game (or more) of five stones!

You can make your own five stones using cloth with kitschy prints, or go green and upcycle your old clothes. For the filling, use dried green/red beans or rice. If making your own five stones from scratch sounds like too much effort, get a pack of 12 sets online!

How to play:

This traditional game is simple but requires great hand-eye coordination. You throw a stone in the air and pick up another with the same hand before catching the stone that was thrown. Continue until you are holding all five stones in your hand.

2. Kuti Kuti

Close-up of brightly coloured, tiny plastic figurines in the shape of animals

Let the (friendly) battle begin!

Recollect the excitement of conquering your classmate’s little plastic army and emerging as the reigning champion of Kuti Kuti. Use these colourful Kuti Kuti pieces!

If there’ll be younger children at your party, consider playing Kuti Kuti with flag erasers instead as the plastic pieces are quite small and may present a choking hazard.

How to play:

This traditional game is simple but requires great hand-eye coordination. You throw a stone in the air and pick up another with the same hand before catching the stone that was thrown. Continue until you are holding all five stones in your hand.

3. Chapteh

A person's foot balancing a colourful feathered shuttlecock

This game likely holds a special place in your heart, particularly if your favourite childhood hangout spot was the void deck! Chances are, you would have been engaged in hour-long games of chapteh, competing with your friends to see who had the best kicking skills.

This activity is sure to get your party guests moving!

Don’t have shuttlecocks at home? Get a set of chapteh shuttlecocks now and start brushing up your skills!

How to play:

Test your agility and balance by keeping the shuttlecock in the air as long as possible using only your feet. When the shuttlecock touches the ground, you lose your turn.

4. Card Games

3 packs of card games on a wooden table

You may want to close your window when you play these games, because the screams of victory and defeat could be deafening! Either way, what’s certain is the fun and excitement that these old-school card games will bring to your party!

How to play:

Old Maid and Donkey follow the same rules, where you try to match 2 of a kind and not be the person left with the ‘Old Maid’ or ‘Donkey’ card. In Happy Family, your aim is to collect as many complete families (4 cards) as possible.

Nostalgic Snacks to indulge in during your National Day party

A party is not complete without snacks! Make sure you have these retro must-haves on the table for hungry party-goers:

5. Kacang Puteh

A row of large transparent containers, each filled with peanuts, dried green peas and other assorted kacang puteh nuts

Put together your own kacang puteh live station by filling bowls with a variety of roasted nuts, beans and other crunchies of your choice! Let your guests pick their favourites to munch on while watching the parade.

6. Old-school Biscuits

Four transparent containers with golden lids, full of old-school biscuits like fish crackers and iced gem biscuits

Remember those biscuit shops, with row upon row of shiny golden tins filled to the brim with biscuits of different sizes, shapes and colours? Evoke the same nostalgia with a platter of childhood favourites like Iced Gem Biscuits, Butterfly Ear Biscuits, ABC Alphabet Biscuits and Wheel Crackers!

7. White Rabbit Candy

Close-up of a paper plate with a heap of White Rabbit Candy sweets on it

This one’s for all those, young and old, with a sweet tooth. Milky, chewy and — of course — sweet, this iconic candy is a great addition to any retro party. Put a bowl out on the table and count the number of times you have to refill it.

8. Dried Fish Fillet Snack

Long strips of dried fish fillet snack arranged artfully on a light-coloured background

For those who prefer savoury snacks, these dried fish fillet strips should satisfy, while at the same time bring back fond memories of eating it while growing up.

By incorporating some or all of these traditional games and nostalgic bites into your celebration, you’ll create a memorable event that pays tribute to Singapore’s heritage while bringing joy to your guests.

Happy National Day partying!

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