Nurul Aini’s Homemade Creamy Seafood Pasta

Many of us wouldn’t look pretty while choking back tears but actress, foodie, host and mother of three, Nurul Aini still looked great as she shed tears in our second episode of Old School Favourites New School Taste. The Hiro chocolate cake that we managed to find for her, touched a responsive chord in this Lions Mum’s heart. It reminded her of the humble beginnings when snacks were a luxury. Lucky for her kids, snacking is no longer just a luxury option and she exposes them to all kinds of cuisines in her own Youtube show Makan Maps. In this interview, she tells us what personal values go into her cooking and how soaking up the appreciation from her kids spurs her to cook.     

1) Tell us a fond memory of eating at the tuckshop in school. What nostalgic elements still tug at your heartstrings? 

My Mee Soto makcik is my favourite memory whenever I think of my school tuckshop. Unfortunately, we don’t keep in touch. It’s been so many years.

During secondary school, I loved to eat crab sticks with sambal. I remember using all of my allowance just to buy that. I could eat like 10 in one seating. 

2) For this creamy seafood pasta you made, tell us which is the most important step to take extra care of or the dish might fail.

Your pasta must be cooked al-dente. Do not overcook your pasta. If it’s overcooked, it will be all squishy. Not nice.

3) What are your personal values in cooking and tell us how they translate into preparing food for children so parents can be inspired and consider them when making meals for their kids

I think it’s knowing exactly what goes into your cooking which means you know exactly what goes into your child’s tummy. Cleanliness too! I make sure everything is clean when I cook. Also, the moment when your child gets excited upon knowing what you’re cooking for the day as you fetch them from school; I love it! I can go like, “I cooked chicken rice today ok guys,” and I will hear squeals or “oh yay, your chicken rice is the best, mummy.” These moments make me so happy.

4) What’s your fondest memory of shopping at FairPrice with your parents and what did you always want to buy when you were a kid?

Snacks! Haha. Chocolates were my favourite when I was younger. NTUC FairPrice = Chocolates to me.

5) If this dish was for an adult, what would you have done differently?

More garlic and some chilli padi to add a little spice to it.

Did You Know?

Ice gem biscuits were not created in Singapore. The biscuit was first introduced in Britain in the 1950s; the icing was added in 1910!