4 money-saving hacks to make the most of Black Friday 2020

From 19th to 30th November, shop for the best Black Friday 2020 deals online at FairPrice

For the benefit of those who have no idea what exactly Black Friday is, Black Friday is a traditional American shopping holiday. It’s also usually held a day after Thanksgiving when most people begin their festive shopping in-stores and increasingly, online as well.

Get ready to shop not just for one day, but nearly two weeks for amazing Black Friday discounts and exclusive FairPrice deals! Plus, you can slash Black Friday spending even further with your Plus! Visa card. Let’s get started with these top 4 money-saving hacks to make the most of Black Friday 2020!

  1. Know what’s on sale

    Whether you’re looking to get your pearly whites whiter from all that festive drinking or butter up your holiday bakes, you need to know if there are additional Black Friday discounts for what’s already on sale. Have a super saving spree with these Black Friday discounts on top of these bundle and carton deals! It’s so easy to stack it for more savings:
Buy $38, Get $6 Off

Till 30th Nov 2020

Colgate Total Toothpaste -Whitening
Colgate Total Toothpaste – Charcoal Deep Clean

Original price: $14.95
Sale price: $13.90

You save: $1.05 (7% OFF)

Colgate Slim Soft Toothbrush – Gold Charcoal (Ultra Soft)

Original price: $14.70

Sale price: $11.00

You save: $3.70 (25% OFF) 

Colgate ProClinical Battery Toothbrush – Charcoal

Level up your tooth brushing game with electronic charcoal-infused bristles!

Original price: $29.90

Sale price: $26.90

You save: $3.00 (10% OFF)

Any 3 for $10.95, Save $3.75

Till 1st Dec 2020

Anchor Pure New Zealand Block Butter – Unsalted
Anchor Pure New Zealand Block Butter – Salted

Sale price: $4.90 

2. Create a shopping list

As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. Planning shouldn’t be a complicated matter, and a simple list goes a long way in helping to focus your attention on the best Black Friday deals and discounts (and additional discounts!) so you can save smartly. Both the FairPrice website and app makes it easier for you to create multiple Shopping Lists — you can even view and categorise them, all in one place!

If you want to give your tea-loving colleague a Mlesna Tea Mat Basket – 3 Flavours Assorted among the wide variety of gift ideas available at Marketplace, you can do so in this way. Categorise it under “Office Gifts”, then keep checking back on your multiple Shopping Lists to see if prices have changed and get ready to cart them all out anytime!

3. Understand the people you are buying for

The ultimate holiday challenge is here: buying gifts for those you don’t know well enough. Don’t worry — from your Secret Santa recipient to a colleague’s screaming kid at an office party, we’ve got you covered!

For your office’s Secret Santa party

AFC Japan Diamond Vision 

Original price: $56.90

Sale price: $28.45

You save: $28.45 (50% OFF)

Developed by Japan Preventive Medical Laboratory, this eye health and protection supplement is clinically proven to address the needs of working professionals who experience eye fatigue, as well as those who are constantly exposed to UV rays and strong lighting. A proprietary blend of four potent carotenoids — astaxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin, and bilberry extract — will help to support eye health for “diamond vision” even throughout their busiest days. A thoughtful and practical gift, if you ask us!

For your fabulous best girl friend         

Shangpree Gold Black Pearl Eye Mask

Original price: $85.90

Sale price: $73.02

You save: $12.88 (15% OFF)

Enriched with minerals, amino acids and proteins, this eye mask is the perfect indulgence for your fabulous best girl friend. It features an advanced concentrated essence of black pearl, gold and rose water to smooth out fine lines and diminish dark circles to enhance her bright and young eyes! 

For your colleague’s screaming kid at the office party

Play N Learn Educational Binoculars with Light up Nightscope

Original price: $12.90

Sale price: $10.32

You save: $2.58 (20% OFF)

Suitable for kids above three years old, this special binoculars with night-beam vision will come in handy even in the darkest places. It works in the day too!

4. Consider more than Christmas gifts

Need to replace that old air fryer or rice cooker? You can also maximise Black Friday deals by buying them for a discounted price at Marketplace! Since 2 April 2019,  Marketplace has grown tremendously from just nine to more than 250 local third-party sellers today. We know you’ll want to treat yourself to something nice from the expanded range at Marketplace

PowerPac 5,5L Air Fryer With Hot Air Flow System

Original price: $109

Sale price: $85.90

You save: $23.10 (21% OFF)

PowerPac 1L Rice Cooker With Steamer

Original price: $43.90

Sale price: $29.90

You save: $14 (32% OFF)

Bear Bread Toaster DSL-A02W1

Original price:  $53.90

Sale price: $43.80

You save: $10.01 (19% OFF)

Get ready to enjoy amazing Black Friday 2020 deals and discounts for all the products you’ve been eyeing on this list and more during the super sale. Keep calm and shop on!

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