Best home cleaning supplies and organisation essentials for new homeowners in Singapore

Whether you’re hands-on with your own cleaning or planning to hire help, great quality cleaning supplies are definitely essential. If you’re unsure of what you need, don’t fret! We’ve bundled amazing first home cleaning deals and unique hacks galore so your humble abode will be spick and span in no time!

Plus, you can use this checklist when getting your home cleaning essentials:

1. General cleaning supplies that every home needs

The first step to having a great clean start is to ensure that you have the basic cleaning supplies that every household needs. This would include cloths/rags, gloves, sponges, broom, mop, pails and tissues.

Tip: How to use your rags the right way

When using rags or cloths, fold them into 4s and clean using one of the sides. Once it’s dirty, flip it over the other side and clean. This maximises the use of your rags as you now have eight sides to clean your surfaces.

2. Cleaning supplies for kitchen

The key areas to clean in your kitchen are the sink, countertop and cabinets. Since this is where you’ll be whipping up meals for yourself and loved ones, remember to also thoroughly clean your kitchen equipment and utensils as well!

Note: If you cook often, you might want to clean your kitchen floor every two to three days to prevent the spread of food bacteria.

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Tip: How to organise your kitchen

Some kitchen organisation hacks include:

  • Turning your cabinets into shelves to maximise space
  • Add shelves for extra storage
  • Hang your cooking tools at the sides of your cabinets
  • Use the back of your cabinet doors to hang items
  • Add shelf risers on your countertop for extra storage space

3. Cleaning supplies for toilet

Did you know that toilets need to be cleaned daily? On average, a toilet bowl contains 3.2 million bacteria per square inch – that’s A LOT of bacteria! Some essential cleaning supplies to get you started include a toilet scrubber and holder, toilet bowl cleaning set and toilet paper.

Tip: How to prevent rust in the bathroom

The toilet is a damp environment, which is a breeding ground for rust. So, how do you prevent rusting? One simple hack is to apply clear nail polish over your bathroom fittings and fixtures and even metal cans like shaving cream and hair spray. The nail polish limits moisture and oxygen from coming into contact with the metal, thus reducing the chances of rusting!

4. Cleaning supplies for flooring

Keeping your floors clean contributes greatly to the overall cleanliness and makes your home look and feel good as well. Dirt and grime may accumulate easily, since your floors are the foundation of your home. Thus, these cleaning bundle supplies will make your life a lot easier when vacuuming and mopping!

Tip: How to mop your floor efficiently

Too lazy to mop your floors? Attach wet wipes to your robot vacuum cleaner and let it do the job!

5. Laundry supplies 

A community discussion amongst theAsianparent’s mothers¹ revealed that laundry is their most hated chore. It’s no surprise since it’s tedious and never truly finished. Bundled with these amazing home cleaning deals, these useful tips, essential laundry supplies and expert hacks will make every cycle a breeze!

Some laundry tips from experts!

Tip: How to prevent clothes from wrinkling in the dryer

You know how it takes time to air dry your clothes? Yet, using the dryer wrinkles them which means they’ll need ironing? If you know exactly what we’re talking about, a great hack is to toss some ice cubes into the dryer! That way, you’ll have dry and not-as-wrinkled clothes to wear.

6. Miscellaneous organisation and storage supplies

After cleaning your home, it’s time to get hold of organisation and storage essentials and KonMari your way to an IG-worthy home!

Image credit: Fiona Campbell, The Spruce

Tip: How to organise your master bedroom

Wardrobe: Make use of vertical space and utilise shelving and hanging organisers. Have designated sections for each category of your clothing (e.g. collared shirts, T-shirts, dresses and denim jeans).

Bedside tables: Utilise the storage cabinets in your bedside tables and limit the top surface to 2-3 everyday items. This keeps your space looking clutter-free!

Cleaning your new home with the right supplies

As the American writer Wallace D. Wattles once said: It is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools should be used in the right way. With our guide, we hope that you know exactly what cleaning supplies you need for your new home and learnt some useful cleaning hacks!

Please note: The efficacy of the tips provided may vary depending on skill, quality of tools used and build of machines involved (if any).



¹ theAsianparent 2021, Real mums talk about their 3 least favourite chore, viewed 20 February 2021

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