Brain Food For Your Child

Brain Food

Your child’s brain is at its most impressionable when they are between zero to three years old. It is during this period that a child’s brain is most receptive to learning and enriching experiences.

This is also a good opportunity to introduce “Brain Food” to support your little one’s brain development, keeping them sharp and focused. Known benefits include: Elevated learning and concentration, sharpened memory and better attention. Here are some suggestions on “Brain Food” that you can start introducing to your child’s diet.

  • Contain Choline, which is crucial for creation of memory stem cells and is formed within the brain.
  • Eggs can be found at almost anywhere, from your nearest convenience store to supermarkets such as NTUC FairPrice, so you do not have to look to far to buy them.
Greek Yogurt
  • Among all yogurts, Greek Yogurt contains the most protein.
  • Protein helps support brain cells in the sending and receiving of information.
  • Do note that “Greek-style” yogurt does not have the same benefits as Greek Yogurt.
  • Greek Yogurt can be found in most supermarkets in Singapore.
  • Leafy vegetables like Kale are packed with anti-oxidants that support your child’s brain development, improving their learning and memory capabilities.
  • Kale can be found in organic grocery stores and selected supermarkets in Singapore.
  • Salmon, like other oily fish, is a good source of Omega-3, which contains DHA to support the growth of your child’s cognitive functions.
  • Salmon can be found in most supermarkets in Singapore.

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