4 fun art projects for the school holidays

The school holidays are here!

It’s possible to enjoy some DIY fun with the kids at home without breaking the bank — what’s more, cleaning up will also be a breeze with SmartChoice household products! Discover 4 art projects that you can do to provide endless fun for kids of all ages.

Note: Adults can join in the fun, but they should be supervising the project at all times too!

Ready to Rock-et

Let your kid’s imagination fly with this simple little rocket ship. Watch it blast off by using vinegar!


2 litre Plastic Bottle
3 tbsp Baking Soda
3 Wooden Pencils
1 Bottle Cork
– Duct tape

SmartChoice Artificial Vinegar
2-3 cups

Note: Do this outdoors!


1. Secure the wooden pencils to the top half of the empty bottle with duct tape.
2. Fill the empty bottle about halfway with vinegar.
3. Add baking soda to the bottle.
4. Seal the bottle with the cork.
5. Turn the bottle upside down, letting it stand on the pencils.
6. Step aside and wait for the rocket to blast off!

Perfect Paper Project

Grab some bathroom tissues or kitchen towels for a paper mache project. Help your kids make a piece of art that’s easy to do!


1 cup Flour
3 cups Water
– Newspaper
– Balloons (up to 10)
– PVA glue
– Paints and paintbrushes

SmartChoice Kitchen Towel


1. Mix water and flour in a saucepan to a boil. Keep stirring to make a smooth paste.
2. Leave the paste to cool.
3. Inflate balloons and tie the end in a knot.
4. Tear newspaper into long, thin strips.
5. Dip the newspaper strips into the paste.
6. Paste each balloon with 3-4 layers of newspaper strips, forming the shape of a bird.
7. Leave the balloons to dry.
8. Start painting over the completely dry strips, ending with the bird tail at the balloon knot. Leave to dry.
9. Cut the balloon on one side of the knot and carefully pull it out.
10. Fold bathroom tissue into wings, tail feathers and a beak. Use PVA glue to stick them onto the paper mache bird.

Blow the Blues Away

Use dishwashing liquid to easily make some bubble solution. Then watch your kids go wild with some bubbly fun!


– 1½ cup Water
2 tsp Sugar
– 1 large cup


1. Pour dishwashing liquid into the large cup.
2. Add water to the cup.
3. Add sugar and stir gently.
4. Your bubble mixture is complete!

Say Hi to Tie Dye

Have fun with some basic tie dye and work with your kids to give your clothing a new look!


1 black T-shirt
4 rubber bands
– Water


1. Soak a black T-shirt in water.
2. Lay it out and pinch the middle, twisting clockwise so that the T-shirt folds into a round shape.
3. Secure rubber bands around the T-shirt while maintaining its round shape, dividing it into 8 sections.
4. Put bleach in a spray bottle and spray the bleach to alternate sections. Be careful not to get bleach on your skin.
5. Let the T-shirt sit till you’re happy with the colours.
6. Remove the rubber bands and rinse the T-shirt in the sink.
7. Dry the T-shirt.

Tip: Clean the play area in between sessions!

The play area should always be kept fresh and clean. Doing so in between sessions will prevent any mess from getting out of control. Be ready for any mess that your kids might make by placing floor cleaner into a spray bottle for easy usage.

Alternatively, you can quickly sanitise the area between each play session with a disinfectant in a spray bottle. Ensure the play area is dry so that no slipping accidents can happen!

Did You Know?

Wine is meant to intensify and enhance the flavour and aroma of food, not to mask it.