Is Your Child At Risk of Allergy?

Allergy can have significant impacts on your child’s physical, social, financial and psychological well-being in adulthood2-8. Therefore, minimising the risks in early life is important.

Use the chart to find out if your child is at risk of allergy and learn how to recognize common allergy symptoms.

Allergy Risk Chart

Common allergy Symptoms9

healthy immune system is important in protecting your child against infections and allergies.

If you are concerned about your child being at risk of cow’s milk protein allergy, it may be time to consider a hypoallergenic milk formula. The World Allergy Organization (WAO) 2016 guideline recommends prebiotic supplementation for the prevention of allergy in not exclusively breastfed infants10. Consult your healthcare professional on how you can reduce your child’s risk of allergy.

Aptamil Gold+ HA Stage 2  with TRIPLE SUPPORT is scientifically formulated with

Danone Nutricia, Europe’s No.1 Baby Milk Company*, has more than 40 years of innovation in allergy care. Aptamil Gold+ HA Stage 2  is for babies above 6 months old and is sucrose-free.

*Danone Nutricia ELN is the first ranked Milk Formula manufacturer both in Sales Value and Sales Volume for these 9 countries (UK, DE, NL, IRL, PL, BEL, CZE/SLO and ROM) during MAT period Dec 2016.

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