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Eat Well, Live Well

  • Steamed Garlic Prawns
    Steamed Garlic Prawns

    Serves: 4 px

    Preparation Time:

    Cooking Time: 10 min

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  • Beer Roasted Pork Knuckles
    Beer Roasted Pork Knuckles

    Serves: 4

    Preparation Time: 30 minutes

    Cooking Time: 3 hours

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Food Tips

Food Tips
Meat & Poultry

Pick up meat and poultry just before making payment...

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How To Spatchcock A Chicken

Do not CHICKEN out at its size. This video teaches you how to handle whole chickens and cut them such that you can ensure even cooking everytime. Spatchcocking a chicken means removing its backbone and spreading it out to ensure that its surface area is maximised for even cooking. Fay Khoo goes step by step in removing unwanted parts of a chicken like its backbone and gizzards. She ends us off by sharing some simple marinating tips that brings the flavours of our simple chicken to a whole new level. Inspire your guests with your tender and juicy dish with this simple method!

Pick of the Vineyard

Wines of the Month December 2018

Wines of the Month December 2018

Smoky, liquorice, blackcurranty, plum fruit with a hint of dark chocolate. The tannins are ripe, smooth and supple.

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FairPrice Share-A-Textbook 2018

FairPrice Share-A-Textbook 2018

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Football Survival Special Buys

Football Survival Special Buys

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