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Discover the world's exotic harvests. Click on each cheese to find out more about its nutrition and origin.

  • Brie Reverend
  • Brie de Meaux
  • Brie with Herb
  • Brie with Pepper
  • Brie Cantorel
  • Cambozola
  • Champignon Garlic Brie
  • Goat's Log
  • Gorgonzola Eccellenza
  • Le Rustique Camembert
  • Madrigal
  • Mirabo Walnut
  • Président Brie
  • Saint Albray
  • Saint-Paulin
  • Comté

bree rev-ruhnd
Father of all velvety brie. Coated with herbs, this French brie is lusciously velvety in nature and has a buttery taste. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH Fruits and nuts

Brie de
bree duh mo
Meet the big cheese. Dubbed "The King of Cheeses", this straw-yellow cheese is both rich and creamy, with a subtle nutty flavour on the side. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH Vosne-Romanée, Hermitage or Saint-Julien

with Herb
bree with hurb
A little spice wouldn't hurt. This cheese is a herb variation of the classic Président Brie. Its soft and creamy palate is tinged with spicy notes all over. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH Pasta dishes

Brie with
bree with pepper
A truly spicy treat. The usually creamy cheese is accented with a peppery flavour, making it the more delicate version of the classic French brie. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH Quiches, stroganoffs and soufflés

bree can-toe-rell
All hail the Queen Brie. Brie Cantorel, of French origin, is a soft dessert cheese that's mild and creamy, suited to local palate. Best served at room temperature. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH Bourgogne

The best of both worlds. A combination of brie and blue cheese, this soft cheese is both rich and velvety. Makes a perfect addition to any antipasto. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH Pinot Noir or Vintage Port

Garlic Brie
shahn-pee-nyawn gahr-lik bree
A perfect concoction of flavours. This double cream brie boasts a tangy garlic flavour. Its smooth and Creamy pâté makes this a perfect ingredient melted over pasta. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH Tomato-based pasta

Goat's Log
gotes lawg
The wisest of the lot. The aromatic goat's milk gives this a mild and creamy taste. Often consumed by those who have low tolerance to cow's milk. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH White Sancerre or Merlot

gore-gone-zo-lah eck-suhl-ehn-za
A slice of excellence. A soft full-fat, medium ripened cheese. Strong flavoured yet gives off a pleasant aroma, it is especially appreciated by blue cheese connoisseurs. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH Potato gnocchi, steak or risotto

Le Rustique
leh rust-tick cam-mem-bear
Go rustic with Le Rustique Camembert. This French native is a soft cheese that has a delicate, subtle salty yet fruity taste. Great with sweet white wines or light reds. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH Coteaux du Layon or Beaujolais

Swiss with a twist. This semi-hard Swiss cheese has a mild fruity taste, with a hint of a nutty flavour. Made with pasteurised cow's milk in France. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH Sandwiches with a white crusty bread

mee-ra-bo wawl-nuht
The flower of all nutty cheeses. A sophisticated double cream cheese.It is soft and creamy, with finely crushed walnuts speckled throughout, giving it a mild and nutty flavour. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH Australian port

preh-zi-dawgnh bree
Meet the President of Brie. Mildly flavoured with mushroom notes, it is soft and deliciously buttery on the inside. Covered by a snow-white edible rind. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH Champagne, Syrah or Sauvignon Blanc

Saint Albray
sahn tahl-bray
Blossoming with flavours. Shaped like a flower, this French native from Middle-Pyrénées resembles a Camembert. Yet it tastes slightly mild and spicy. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH Pinot Noir or Chianti

sahn poh-lahn
Divinely delectable. A native of France, Saint-Paulin is a creamy, semi-hard cheese covered in tough, leathery rind. Its taste is slightly salty and buttery. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH Fruit and light wine

The Pride of a French county. Every Comté is judged professionally before sale to ensure its quality. Semi-hard, but beneath its golden crust lies a Creamy pâté. AROMA SOFTNESSGOES WITH Pomerol or Château-Chalon