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3 ready-in-5-min dishes for a weekend get-together


3 ready-in-5-min dishes for a weekend get-together

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3 ready-in-5-min dishes for a weekend get-together

Hosting a gathering this weekend and prefer to keep it fuss-free? Here’s a recommendation – keep the event simple by opting for easy-to-prep dishes. Our top three favourite choices are conveniently ready in just five minutes, so you get to enjoy the gathering as much as your guests!

Ready-To-Eat Salads

These greens are easy to put together, and also work as a healthy and refreshing appetiser! Simply pick out a couple of your favourite ingredients, toss them together, drizzle some sauce over, and voila, you’ve got the first dish for the night! Tip: Include a vibrant mix of colours to stir up appetites.

No-Cook Charcuterie Board

As no cooking is needed, curating a selection of cured meats is fairly simple. All you need is to lay the meats beautifully on the charcuterie board. Tip: When choosing produce such as chorizos and hams, try to pick out flavours that are complementary.

Easy-To-Customize Alcohol Beverage

Fancy bespoke cocktails are lovely, but if you prefer something simpler, just keep the fridge packed with flavoured vodka and ciders! From there, you can easily garnish the drinks to your guests’ preferences. Tip: Ciders are sweeter, so select garnishes that are tart, such as raspberries and blueberries to give your drinks a zestier and more balanced flavour.

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