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We grilled them to perfection


We grilled them to perfection

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We grilled them to perfection

Prime selection of choice cuts that will satisfy your palette. Here at FairPrice Finest, you will be spoilt for choice with our selection of gourmet produce. Pick your favourite cuts for any occasion; however you like them done, these beautiful cuts will make any meat lover swoon.

Enjoy the finest the world has to offer.

Friends Ready-To-Eat Gourmet Sausage, Pick Mangalica Sausages and Culina Virgina Ham- Gourmet Sausages with Virgina ham egg cup

Tasty meat for breakfast, anyone? Who doesn’t fancy a gorgeous serving of bangers with a side of Virgina baked ham cup with egg, especially when they are grilled to perfection? Whip these up easily with muffin baking trays and take a bite into these crispy Virgina ham egg cup – every mouthful is a perfect mix of tasty flavours.

Culina Beef Ribeye - Signature Pepper Steak with Rosemary

With a ribeye, it’s down to the marinade. Go heavy or go light. A generous splash of salt and pepper, some crushed rosemary, lightly boiled baby carrots and asparagus and there you have it, a delicious ribeye steak dinner.

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Culina Beef Kebabs & Shashliks - Beef Shashliks

Thread skewers with your finely seasoned beef chunks, onions and bell peppers. Put it on the grill, turning it often so that they colour and cook evenly. To up the green quotient, we serve them on a bed of rocket and thinly sliced cucumber. The key to our great tasting shashliks – leave plenty of time for the meat to marinate.

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Culina Lamb Frenched Cutlet - Frenched Grilled Lamb Cutlet

Picture perfect, delicious and so simple to prepare. The key lies in the marinade. We marinade the lamb chops for hours while roasting a whole garlic and baby carrots for colour. Finish it off with a sprinkle of sage leaves, sea salt and peppercorns for that extra oomph.

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Learn how to make these featured grilled dishes.

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