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A Night of Wine, Roulade and Song


A Night of Wine, Roulade and Song

August 2013

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A Night of Wine, Roulade and Song

To kick off the Finest Festival, FairPrice Finest launched the Finest Festival Invitation, an initiative which saw expatriates in Singapore volunteering to host locals at their homes for dinner, and share their culture through food.     

First to volunteer were German scientists Stefan and Dana. Over the weekend, they made their way to the nearest FairPrice Finest store, where they began picking out ingredients for dinner. Once that was done, the couple scooted back to their apartment for a quick lunch, before starting on dinner preparations.

The night's menu consisted of salad for starters, pudding for dessert and for the main, roulade—a piece of topside beef rolled around stuffing made from carrots, bacon and pickles, and paired with potatoes. It was home cooking of the finest calibre, and it complemented the conversations shared at the dinner table. When the last spoonful of pudding had disappeared, Stefan performed a stirring solo on the guitar, prompting guests to whip their trusty camera phones and ending the evening on a perfect note.

Check out the rest of the photographs taken from Dana and Stefan’s dinner here!

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