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Celebrate a Year of Abundance


Celebrate a Year of Abundance

January 2013

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Celebrate a Year of Abundance

The Lunar New Year usually marks the start of a new beginning with a sumptuous spread of the reunion dinner. The meal traditionally includes dishes of fish and a communal hot pot, symbolizing unity and a coming together of friends and family members. In Chinese culture, fish has a symbolic significance because the Chinese word for fish, yu, sounds like the word for riches or abundance.

Delight your loved ones with our Smoked Salmon topped with a delightfully savoury sauce and also try our succulentJumbo Black Tiger Prawns that promises a juicy tenderness. For added flavour in the quintessential hotpot dish, toss in some tasteful Emerald Scallop Meat and the ever so delicious, King Crab Leg. Complete the feast with a prosperous serving of abalone. Favoured as a luxury ingredient, the classic King Ocean Superior Braised Abalone is the perfect addition to the meal.

During this period, some might choose to avoid the crowd at restaurants and dine in the comfort of their own homes. Make this annual reunion dinner a memorable one through a tantalising spread. Visit FairPrice Finest, where the freshest selection of ingredients and seafood awaits.

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