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From Strangers to Friends


From Strangers to Friends

September 2013

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From Strangers to Friends

Thursdays are usually off-days for Olivier. But this off-day was unlike the others. An hour before noon, Olivier was at the supermarket picking out tomatoes for a side-dish he had in mind, known as tomatoes provencales. It would accompany his main course for the night, roti of beef tenderloin, as part of a mouth-watering combination including duck confit potatoes and green salad.

As an executive chef, Olivier is well accustomed to cooking dinner for complete strangers. But this was still a new experience for him. After all, he would be cooking a traditional French meal for eight guests, not in a restaurant, but in a setting he considers home.

Nevertheless, with Olivier’s impeccable cooking and frank hospitality, the dinner progressed smoothly. Conversation at the table was peppered with the occasional question about Olivier’s pet cat, Jafar, who appeared with him in his invitation video. As the evening neared its conclusion, an exchange of phone numbers began—a sure sign that new friendships have been made.

Truly, here’s to the finest. Bon appétit!


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