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Open Your Heart This Thanksgiving


Open Your Heart This Thanksgiving

November 2012

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Open Your Heart This Thanksgiving

The finest things in life are best enjoyed with the ones we care about. This rings true especially during Thanksgiving. A time spent in the company of friends and family, Thanksgiving started hundreds of years ago in America to celebrate the end of a successful harvest or the completion of a perilous voyage. Now, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November to show gratitude for anything that we have accomplished and every good and precious blessing that life has offered.

A Day Full of Traditions

There’s no better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than spending it in the company of friends and family. Whether you choose to throw a big dinner party, or an intimate night with only those closest to you, prepare for the day with activities and traditions which you can enjoy with your loved ones. Look for the wishbone in a turkey then ask your kids to make a wish for the coming year. Watch a heart-warming film that celebrates the beauty of life. Enjoy a laugh or two in a fun board game you can indulge in. Help the less fortunate by donating to a charity. Thanksgiving comes only once a year, so let your heart swell with love and laughter with a tradition of your choice.

The Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is marked by much food and merriment. And there’s no better way to celebrate it with a succulent plate of stuffed turkey. In England, geese were the favoured fowl during feasts, but when the English traversed the Atlantic, the abundance of turkey in the New World encouraged them to serve it during Thanksgiving. Baked until juicy, stuffed with herbs and spices, turkey became the queen of all Thanksgiving feasts, and nothing has unseated it. If you’re in the mood for turkey but pressed for time, drop by FairPrice Finest which offers the Traditional Roast Turkey. Stuffed with chestnut and brewed in exquisite gourmet sauce, this deliciously divine turkey is perfect for four to six people.

Of course, you can also serve other dishes to mark the day. FairPrice Finest offers Gammon Ham Bone-in Leg, a delight to anyone’s palate. This whole leg bone-in ham flavour will surely tempt your loved ones to make a second helping.

Whatever dish you choose to prepare for Thanksgiving, remember to take it easy. Thanksgiving is a time to have fun. Ask your family to help you with the preparations and drop by FairPrice Finest for its abundant selection of deli, fruits, and other items. Sourced from all over the world, these delectable selections are what you will need to make any Thanksgiving Day a cherished memory.

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