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Recipes For A Hearty Thanksgiving


Recipes For A Hearty Thanksgiving

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Recipes For A Hearty Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a time of feasting, merrymaking and showing gratitude to your loved ones. It's also a time to show appreciation for the life-giving harvest, which means the spread is a tribute to seasonal foods.

We asked urban farmer and Mum Cynthea Lam, of The Wholesome Co., to help make celebrating this time-honoured tradition a breeze. Her multi-course menu is delicious, nourishing and easy to prepare, and all the ingredients are available at FairPrice Finest.

Get started on the star of the meal - the roast chicken with raisin rice stuffing - which takes about an hour and a half to cook, prep time included. Stuff the chicken with raisin rice and have it placed on a bed of onions, garlic, and potatoes for added oomph. For the sides: add some greens to the mix with this brussel sprouts with almonds and lemon zest plate. Not a big fan of these? Try the simple caramelised green beans recipe instead (or do both!). Ingredients are really basic and one serving won't take you more than 10 minutes to prepare.

Coconut-flavoured crème brulee (left) and roast chicken with raisin rice stuffing (right)

Impress your guests with this pumpkin-sweet potato mash creation - a healthier alternative to the good ol' potato mash. To make it smoother, throw in a knob of butter. Top it all off with the seriously addictive biscuits with turkey bacon jam. Finally, there's dessert. Crème brulee's an easy, crowd-pleasing dessert option, but don't let it be a plain and forgettable treat. Go bolder with a coconut-flavoured crème brulee, made using coconut milk, heavy cream, vanilla bean, sugar and egg yolks. If you don't own a blowtorch, watch this video for an easy way to harden the sugar and create the crust.

Simply click through to our Thanksgiving recipes to get the print out. Also, look out for the FairPrice Thanksgiving ad in TODAY newspaper on 20 November for a list of more exciting products.

This article is sponsored and all ingredients purchased at FairPrice Finest.

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