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Salut to a wonderful Oktoberfest.


Salut to a wonderful Oktoberfest.

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Salut to a wonderful Oktoberfest.

While kegs of beer and endless variety available attracting all beer lovers, Oktoberfest’s rich offering of crunchy pretzels and selections of roasted pork have lured even the non-beer drinkers.

Dip your roasted meat into the tongue-biting mustard or simply enjoy its roast burnt flavour without any embellishments. Then take in a forkful of sauerkaut. Now that’s a savoury combo that’s utterly irresistible!

Twisted or straight, pretzels’ appearance at a gathering will immediately draw out the muncher in any individual. Paired with fresh celery, the crackling snacks will leave you longing for more.

Foaming with an icy coldness, taking that first sip of the day is simply wonderful. Just ask any beer lover. Whether one likes to sip from an ice-cold mug, or simply gush down a bottle, beer has been the social lubricant that has formed many bonds. And there is no better season to raise your beer than during Oktoberfest. Salut!

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