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The Best Lasagna Ever Tasted


The Best Lasagna Ever Tasted

September 2013

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The Best Lasagna Ever Tasted

That was the first thing a guest said the moment she took a bite of lasagna. That same lasagna started out as a pot of richly flavoured ragù, before it was lovingly layered and baked into the lasagna by Alessia, one of the three Italian hosts.

Also on the menu was the Insalata Caprese, an appetiser assembled by Vincenzo and resembling the Italian flag, and spezzatino la vino rosso, a dish comprising beef cuts stewed in red wine and served with salad greens. The last of the hosts, Antonio, who declared that he has perfected the art of tiramisu-making, served his masterpiece for dessert.

Over dinner, guests and hosts swapped stories, experiences living abroad and food-hunting tips. One guest shared that, unlike the Italian hosts, he has difficulty mastering his own cuisine, having been raised in a family of mixed ethnicities. Another guest, upon being asked to describe Singapore in one word, chose 'rojak', adding, "Singapore is so mixed—just look at us!"

Contented smiles emerged long before the dinner came to an end. As guests and hosts drew closer together for picture-taking, both sides promised to keep in touch and share any pictures they had taken on a night that was truly memorable.


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