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The Finest Indulgent Experience


The Finest Indulgent Experience

January 2013

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The Finest Indulgent Experience

Last Christmas season, FairPrice Finest organised an online contest, the Finest Indulgent Experience. With the tagline, ‘Bringing the Fine Life Closer To You’, contestants had to choose 10 items from FairPrice Finest’s catalogue and conceptualised a theme for their dream meal. Tay Yong Chuen won the contest, and had the opportunity to bring his friends to learn from Chef Susanne.

The cooking session, held at ToTT, was a great way for the winner and his friends to upgrade their cooking skills in a fun and highly-interactive cooking session. A graduate of the prestigious Hospitality Management School in Lausanne, Switzerland, Chef Susanne shared tips on how to prepare healthy, tasty dishes. Under her guidance, the group whipped up delicious meals using the best ingredients: green leafy veggies, delectable chocolate, and the freshest sea foods.

The friends sat down for a relaxing meal after their session, partaking the three dishes they have been taught to prepare: Nut-Crusted Goat’s Cheese Crouton on Asian Mesclun Salad, Tiger Prawn Skewer Marinated with Kaffir Lime on Snow Pea and Ginger Risotto, and Molten Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Sauce and Raspberry Coulis.

Finest Indulgent Experience was the perfect way for the winner and his friends to celebrate the holiday season. It was also the fulfilment of their dream to learn from a great chef like Susanne, to have fun, and to create only great memories.

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