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The five things for a terrific New Year


The five things for a terrific New Year

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The five things for a terrific New Year

Every year-end season deserves a glorious send-off. After a week of Christmas festivities and fanfare, New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion for informal gatherings. Intimate or massive, home parties are the key bonding socials where many gather to usher in the New Year.

And you don’t need a MasterChef to welcome 2017 in style, all you need is 5 key elements to make your year-end bash unforgettable:


The ideal nectar to welcome the New Year

When the clock strikes twelve, we raise our glasses to usher in the New Year. What better way than to choose from the wide range of wine as the ideal nectar. So be it red or white, fruity or bubbly, may the drink in your raised glass herald the arrival of a brand new year.


A sweet festive must-have

Serving something sweet is a festive must-have on New Year’s Day. A simple yet utterly delicious butter cake is a party favourite that will help your guests start the New Year on a sweet note as they welcome 2017. (See below for full recipe)


A conversational platter that goes hand in hand with wine

Not only is cheese wildly popular these days, but it has also become the ideal companion to the fruity, rich tones of wines. Just remember, never crowd your cheese platter. And be sure to serve them at room temperature. Throw in accompaniments such as figs, olives, nuts or dried fruits and you have a winning platter.


An impressive crossover dish for all

Hummus is an incredibly versatile dip, and it’s so easy to prepare! Just with a few key ingredients, a homemade hummus is one of the best ways to impress your guests. Paired with pitas, or crackers, or simply fresh vegetables, it is the ultimate crossover dish for all.


A simple pleasure that delights your palate

In the spirit of finger-food gatherings, may we suggest serving desserts that don’t require guests to put down their wine glasses? As an essential dish served during traditional gourmet meals, sorbet is the perfect palate cleanser to indulge in between. Sorbets today will find diners always ready to dig in.

With our year-end suggestions that are so easy to prep, you will soon find yourself surrounded by friends over a memorable evening.

Let’s mark the ending of an exhilarating 2016 and weave new dreams for 2017 with a toast. Here’s to a great 2017. Salut!


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