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Your day together is a gift she will treasure.


Your day together is a gift she will treasure.

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Your day together is a gift she will treasure.

Mother’s Day is near. Still looking for that perfect gift? Grab mum for a day out together! Relish on delectable delights and chilled wine, the perfect thank you for the woman who stood behind you all these years.

On this occasion, flowers and wine will mark the day! The wine prepared should enhance the taste of the planned menu, that’s why a wine that’s not heavy on the palate and travels well would be an ideal choice.

Pancakes travel well as a food of choice for the outdoors. Laden with fruits of the season, with a dollop of maple syrup, this heartfelt serving of homemade pancakes will add satisfaction to a day spent under the sun.

A chilled treat is definitely a delight for this special day! Our suggestion will be to serve a sorbet of your mum’s liking, as the zesty taste complements well with the sweet pancakes. Top it off with some almond crunch for the texture, and this completes the perfect gift.

Here’s wishing everyone a great and memorable day. And to all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

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