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7 Refreshing and Healthy Treats

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7 Refreshing and Healthy Treats

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7 Refreshing and Healthy Treats

Feeling the heat? As temperature sizzles, staying hydrated and eating sensibly have never been more crucial. Be it for their high dietary fibre or water content, our colourfully vibrant selection of fruits and vegetables will deliver to you a wealth of nutritional punch to beat the heat.

Go Fresh Pearl Sweet Corn/Candy Sweet Corn

Corn on the cob provides a crunchy way to stay cool as they can help to thin the blood which in turns has a cooling effect.

Eco Leaf

Crisp and leafy greens such as salads are delicious ways to stay cool. Toss it with pine nuts, light olive oil and chicken for a satisfying meal.

Kitchenlicious Daikon

Daikon, a type of white radish, is a root vegetable used commonly in both Japanese and Chinese cuisines. It helps in detoxifying and promoting the digestive system.

Kitchenlicious Red Cherry Tomato

One of the top ingredients used widely in all cuisines, known for its versatility and bold flavour, this brightly coloured tomatoes are rich in antioxidants.

Simply Finest Korean Strawberries

Nutrient-rich and packed with antioxidants, these juicy heart-shaped delights are sweet on the taste and serves as a boost in your daily Vitamin C in-take.

Simply Finest Australia Premium Plums & Peaches

Eating them whole, it’s a sweet way to start the morning. With these ripe summer fruits rich in antioxidants, they are exactly what your skin craves.

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