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A Juicy Treat with Acai Berries

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A Juicy Treat with Acai Berries

July 2013

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A Juicy Treat with Acai Berries

Harvested from the rainforests of the Amazon, comes one of nature’s most remarkable fruits— the acai berry. Unlike any other fruit, the acai is highly prized for its health benefits —10 times more antioxidants than red grapes and anthocyanins found in red wine. Pureed from wild acai berries, Purever Canada Acai Berry juices pack in the antioxidants, dietary fibre, essential vitamins and minerals in one exotic beverage. Nutrient-rich and free from artificial preservatives, there’s no added sugar.

Choose from three flavours: 100% acai berry juice; with mango or blueberry additions. The pure version conjures up intriguing notions of the wild—delectable scents of forest floral bouquets. For a sensuous aroma of the tropics with a luscious finish, go for the mango. Acai blended with blueberries yields a delightful concoction of gorgeous ‘berry-licious’ end notes.

Tip: Turn it into a delightfully rich smoothie—whizz up a glass of icy cold acai berry juice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Or simply enjoy it chilled, straight from the bottle—give it a good shake before pouring the juice into a glass. Perfect to chill out on a hot day! Or to impress your dinner party guests.

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