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A Luxurious Teatime Treat

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A Luxurious Teatime Treat

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A Luxurious Teatime Treat

Whether one decides to bask in the outdoors for a picnic, or embrace the coziness indoors at home, an ideal weekend afternoon typically involves activities to reinvigorate one’s senses. With an international selection of indulgent treats to pamper one’s taste buds, precious weekend moments just got more enjoyable.

Enjoy the finest the world has to offer.

Organic beetroot juice & nutrition bar

Give your health a reboot! A nutrition bar is handy, and great as a post-workout booster. Packed with vitamins and minerals, organic beet juice is a powerful antioxidant. No wonder it’s hailed as a superfood!

Bread, olive oil, walnut oil, nutrition bars & chocolate bars

Perhaps of its simplicity, the combination of bread and dipping oil as an afternoon snack is often overlooked. But it’s because of this simplicity, that makes this straightforward pairing so easy to indulge in. The delicate aroma and taste of cold pressed walnut oil can be savoured when it’s not overwhelmed by strong flavours. So pairing it with bread is perfect, as bread helps to enhance its nutty fragrance.

Or why don’t give yourself a luxurious teatime treat with a slab of quality chocolate bar. Feel the silky-smooth chocolate melting in your mouth while you’re relishing in that indulgent cocoa taste.

Chocolate Cake

We all deserve a lavish reward once in a while, so we’re taking the time to savour this delightful chocolate cake. Fragrantly soft, it’s totally oozing with rich, chocolatey goodness!

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